How To Book an Appointment




As many of you will be aware, new requirements regarding access under the new enforced GP contract comes into force on the 15th May.

There has been a lot of inaccurate press coverage and speculation regarding these changes which have been interpreted by some to mean that all patients will be offered an ‘On the day’ appointment.

In actual fact, the contract states that ‘The patient should be offered an initial assessment at the time of calling and should not be asked to call back at a later date’.

Our initial assessment will be carried out by our trained Care Navigators, who will, ‘having regard to all the circumstances’, offer an appropriate further assessment. This may include an appointment, or signposting to another appropriate clinical setting, e.g NHS 111; The Urgent Treatment Centre; Clinical Pharmacist Consultation; or as otherwise deemed appropriate.

Please assist our Care Navigators in complying with the contractual obligation by answering their questions fully. Please note that all our Care Navigators are fully trained and governed by the strictest of patient confidentiality requirements.