The Way We Are Working Is Changing




We are pleased to confirm that the training of our Care Coordinators is now complete and we are all eager to commence with the NHS “Right Person, Right Care, First Time” programme and the benefits it will bring to you as a patient.

We will be starting the programme on Wednesday 18th August. There will be a short period of time for the new way of working to bed in, so we would ask for your patience during the first week. As previously explained the whole basis of the programme is to make sure that you are seen by the most appropriate clinician for your symptoms first time, speeding up the patient journey. The Care Coordinators will ask you some basic questions and use specifically written technology to assess your needs.  The technology has been written by General Practitioner and is approved by both NHS England and the Royal College of General Physicians. The technology then assists the Care Coordinator in signposting you to the most appropriate clinician.

All of the Care Coordinator, like all General Practice staff, and bound by the strictest rules of patient confidentiality so you can be assured that all your personal information will remain safe and private.

Please answer all questions accurately to help us to help you ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment first time.

We are also intending to make greater use of on-line services.  We will shortly be extending services available via the Patient Access App, as well as being able to order repeat prescriptions, you will now be able to access test results and consultation records. Signing up for the service is easy just download the App.

Do you know about our eConsult system?  It allows you to type in your symptoms and these will then be reviewed by a GP and you will be then be contacted regarding the most appropriate course of action. There are safeguards for clinically urgent matters which signpost to the most appropriate emergency service so your safety is maintained. For further information, please click here

We will keep you informed of the progression over the next few weeks by regular communications on our website and Facebook page.

Published: Aug 18, 2021